22 May 2011

What's in a name?


Once upon a time I wrote the draft of a science fiction story. And I needed a way of naming stars and worlds with usable names. I came up with the idea that a survey would label promising star systems with a name based on alphabetical letters with say added bits from the Greek alphabet. The brief coding could describe a large number of instances. Seemed a good idea. But people wouldn't stick with that, they would mutate it into something usable or they would ignore it. So as a test I thought of a star with the code B - alpha - D. Convertible into a single word. But eventually the origin would be forgotten. Just as we forget the origin of the word 'Earth'. And over times words change in form. So what is this blog about? Anything I find interesting or important.

Also I tend to rant. My opinion is malleable but only with a lot of evidence.

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